Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have received a letter from us and would like a call back please use this form.

Please note we cannot accept service of documents by email.

I have received a Notice of Assignment, what is this?

A Notice of Assignment of Debt is official notice that a debt has been assigned to another party. This notice sets out the amount owed and where future payments should be made.

I have received a Court Summons, what should I do?

You have two options: You can either contact MIL to arrange payment, or seek advice from one of the organisations listed below.

Do MIL Collections offer to mediate?

In the event of court action, MIL Collections will try to mediate. The process of mediation is to settle court claims out of court to save both parties time and costs. Independent legal advice (see below) should be sought if you wish to mediate.

Why has MIL not responded to the numerous negative comments made on the Internet?

Most comments we have reviewed, are either dishonest or trolling. For reasons of privacy and fairness, we do not routinely comment publicly about live cases or judgments granted by Court. The MIL website has links to free advice services allowing people with a genuine grievance or dispute to obtain free independent advice and support. Fee charging legal service providers can be checked on the SRA website to ensure they are regulated and indemnified to offer legal services to the public.

I have received a Letter Before Action, what does this mean?

A Letter Before Action is a letter of intention to commence legal action against you. If the account is not settled legal action may be taken.

MIL Collections will not discuss legal paperwork with me, why?

MIL collections do not offer legal advice. It is important if you are unsure of any legal process to make contact with organisations who can offer the appropriate advice; such as those found below.

MIL Collections have entered a County Court Judgement against me, what do I do?

In the event of a CCJ being entered, you have 28 days before the information is published on the public register of judgments, orders and fines. This may affect your ability to obtain credit. Please call 01872 470 239 to discuss settlement, or speak to one of the organisations listed below.

Free Impartial Legal Advice Sources:

Advice Now –

Law Centres –

Law Works –

The PSU –

Legal Choices –

Trust Online –

Debt Advice Services:

Stepchange –

National Debtline –


Money Advice –

British Gas Energy Trust –